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Bachata Jack & Jill is a dance competition that is not based on choreography, like most dance competitions, but on "social dance". Couples are drawn to each other before the start of the competition in a random manner, and during the evening, the partners alternate. Essential elements to be assessed include leadership or succession, musicality, ability to adapt to individual partners, styling, overall impression and aesthetics of dance.


Jack & Jill is OPEN, it means that anyone can join.


Registration fee is 5 Euro. (will be payed at theJack & Jill registration desk-)


You have to register with full name via email: and with your face profile photo attached until 20.2. !!!


You can register to Bachata JACK & JILL competition if:


☆ You have any type of FESTIVAL PASS


☆ You buy entrance ticket for SATURDAY PARTY


(ticket will be available at Jack & Jill registration desk)


  • The competition consists of a maximum of 2 rounds, with individuals in the first and final round.

  • Couples are evaluated by a dance judges, selection of festival teachers.

  • Dancers rotate in competition and will dance everyone with everyone.

  • After first round you will be asked to pick up best leader or follower (each of you has one vote - the number)

  • In the couple the dancers will dance between 1:15 and 1:45.

  • Dips are forbidden in dancing (partner's shoulders are below partner's waist) and lifts (both feet leave the floor).

  • Dancers are obligated to wear the starting numbers they receive on registration during the whole dance.


Couples will be evaluated on the basis of: the expression of music (the ability to respond to breaks or changes in rhythm, the ability to express melody of music, etc.), leadership or follow-up, styling and overall impression and vision.



★ Registration is on Saturday at 18:00 - 18-30 at registration desk


★ 1st round after registration 18:45 (will take cca 30-45 min)


★ Finale will be at 00:00 during Saturday party.


All participants have to be present at meeting point (you will get the instructions after 1st round) on Saturday 23:45 !!!


The organizers of the competition reserve the right to change the rules in relation to the number of competitors.

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